Faisal Bhatti

Vice President, Revenue Cycle Operations

Faisal Bhatti joined Nobility in 2017 to oversee the company’s U.S.-based revenue cycle operations and lead the formation of an off-shore subsidiary responsible for medical billing support services and related software development. Prior to his Nobility tenure, Faisal held a senior role with CareCloud, one of the fastest growing IT healthcare companies in America. He was a key contributor to CareCloud’s IPO process, and post-IPO, he managed four different company divisions with clients across the U.S. Faisal has worked with top investment banks on Wall Street and has a demonstrated track record in managing the successful integration and on-boarding of acquisitions, achieving an impressive 90% retention rate.

Faisal earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Foundation University in Pakistan, and holds a Master of Science in Finance from the University of Strathclyde in Scotland.


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