Nobility RCM Opens Operating Division In Washington And Expands Arizona Presence

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (March 09, 2022) Nobility RCM, the leader in medical billing and revenue cycle management solutions, has established a new operating division in Washington, focused on billing solutions designed specifically for the dental profession. This addition to the Nobility network gives the company a coast-to-coast U.S. presence, from the Northwest to the Southeast with more than 10 operating sites nationwide.

Nobility also continues to extend its reach in its headquarters state of Arizona, by adding another RCM operating site in the metropolitan Phoenix area. As Nobility broadens its U.S. presence, medium and large healthcare providers are benefiting from greater access to leading-edge and all-encompassing billing solutions that are proven to boost profitability for practices nationwide.

“We’re excited to develop new solutions to meet the growing RCM needs of the dental profession and to bring our services to markets from the left coast to the right,” said Dr. Michael Fossum, CEO, Nobility RCM. “Establishing an even stronger presence in our home state of Arizona also supports our foundational efforts to consistently deliver performance-driven billing solutions centered on transparency and communication.”

Nobility has established itself as a leading RCM and billing solutions provider by employing key performance indicators to deliver exceptional value to its rapidly growing clientele. By taking a laser-focused approach that emphasizes outcomes above all else, Nobility is able to sustainably measure and prove its performance to clients, setting itself apart from other RCM providers.

About Nobility RCM
Nobility RCM is a Scottsdale, Ariz.-based company that offers leading-edge revenue cycle management solutions to medium to large healthcare organizations. Nobility RCM presents a unique value proposition by providing working capital to its clients alongside advanced RCM and back office services. Founded in 2014, Nobility RCM has more than 10 U.S. operating sites, with divisions spanning from Washington to Florida. Widely recognized for pioneering the Nobility Pre-Funding solution, a guaranteed revenue model for healthcare providers, the company delivers exceptional outcomes centered on performance, transparency, and communication. Learn more at

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