Nobility RCM Teams With Proficient Consulting Group To Improve Financial Outcomes For Medical Providers

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (April 27, 2021) – Proficient Consulting Group is the latest firm to join Nobility RCM’s robust network of national affiliates, comprised of recognized businesses and industry experts across the U.S. that have endorsed the exceptional service and outcomes delivered by the leader in revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions. Proficiency Consulting Group, a Texas-based digital agency founded in 2013 and a trusted resource for medical practice management consulting, will work with Nobility RCM to bolster patient traffic to medical practices and modernize billing processes to maximize revenues.

“Patient care is always the top priority for medical practices, but effective billing processes are necessarily a close second,” said Enrique Reyes, founder, Proficient Consulting Group. “Nobility finds top talent and focuses on exceptional training to bring its clients a superior experience. Their solutions, systems and people are far more advanced than the typical billing company. I only associate with the best, and Nobility is the MIT of revenue cycle management solutions.”

Nobility RCM specializes in providing professional medical billing and RCM services, along with integrated financial and practice management solutions, all with the purpose of improving its clients’ financial and practice performance. Using a four-phase “deep dive” process into a healthcare organization’s existing systems and processes, Nobility RCM formulates an effective and custom solution to optimize revenues and management outcomes. Nobility RCM’s implementation approach is also designed to minimize disruption to ongoing business activities.

“Adding Proficient Consulting Group to our esteemed network of affiliates is a natural choice,” said Dr. Michael Fossum, CEO, Nobility RCM. “Enrique and his team are recognized architects of successful business models for medical practices, and we are honored to be their go-to resource for RCM solutions. The relationship has great synergy, as we’re both laser-focused on creating opportunities for optimal practice management performance.”

About Nobility RCM

Nobility RCM is a Scottsdale, Ariz.-based company that offers leading-edge revenue cycle management solutions to medium to large healthcare organizations. Nobility RCM presents a unique value proposition by providing working capital to its clients alongside advanced RCM and back office services. Founded in 2014, Nobility RCM has business operations throughout the U.S., with primary operating sites in Arizona, Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio and Florida. Widely recognized for pioneering the Nobility Pre-Funding solution, a billing model that maximizes revenue for healthcare providers, the company delivers exceptional outcomes centered on transparency, communication and reporting. Learn more at

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